Miracle Mimi

My name is Mimi. I was rescued from death row in a shelter on April 16th, 2011. Unfortunately I have Parvovirus and needed to be hospitalized. My foster Mom is now trying to raise money to help the family who adopted me pay for my treatment.

All funds are paid through PayPal - use the widget below. All funds will be used for Mimi's vet bills. Any additional funds will be given to No More Homeless Pets in Utah.

Thank you for all your help.

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Miracle Mimi is sick in the hospital. She needs your help. Please donate.

Mimi seemed to be ok the first few days we had her. She was silly, spunky and learned to sit in about five minutes. But on Tuesday night she got very sick very fast. We had no way of knowing she was sick when we took her from the shelter. It was spring her from death row or let her die the next day. 

The next morning the vet gave us terrible news. Mimi has Canine Parvovirus. Mimi’s new Mom was faced with a decision; to let the vet euthanize an eight week old puppy or pay up to $2000 to treat her. In a puppy that young the chances of survival are limited unless the infection is caught early. The only chance for survival is hospitalization.

I feel responsible in many ways, we had no idea that Mimi would get sick. My friend adopted her in good faith and is stepping up to assume the responsibility as few people would. She had to go into debt to cover the care Mimi needs.

Luckily we caught it early and Mimi seems to be responding to the treatment well. Now all we can do is ask for good energy for Mimi and I can try to raise money towards her care.

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